Slim and save with meal replacement shakes

Slim and Save meal replacement shakes
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slim and save with weight loss meal replacement shakes

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If you have ever tried losing weight you know that it can be a very challenging to slim and save at the same time – it can get both frustrating and expensive! All the workouts, diet changes and discipline it takes for lasting success can quickly add up and crush your motivation. However, there is a new trend that can help make things a bit easier. Enter meal replacement shakes.

Meal replacement shakes are made to help people who cannot skip meals because of their busy schedule. These shakes can replace one of the 3 main meals you consume each day, and used as part of a healthy lifestyle can be a extremely beneficial aid to weight loss.

Meal Guide for Weight Loss:

Breakfast – Eat like a king

  • Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this should be the biggest portion among the three. Your breakfast can supply you with most of the energy for your day along with essential nutrients that cannot be compensated by other meals if missed.

Lunch – Eat like a prince

    • A smaller portion must be consumed during this time. Since your breakfast can supply you lots of energy for the day, you can go easy on the carbs here. Just satisfy your tummy’s tantrums, but never overeat. Overeating is the number one enemy of people who want to lose weight because they end up storing excess carbs.

Dinner – Eat like pauper/peasant

  • This is the best time to consume meal replacement shakes. Since your lunch can replenish your energy for the rest of your day, dinnertime shouldn’t be infused with much carbs. Your body will rest in a few hours meaning there is no reason for you to store more energy. Meal replacement shakes has less sugar, carbs and fat, which is ideal for the night since there are less activities to be done. With the fiber and protein in the shake, your body will also have an easier time to cleanse your body overnight.

Advice on meal replacement shakes

VLCD shakes are not advisable to be used as a complete substitute for food for your whole day. You need energy throughout your daily routine. Carbs will burn faster during the day since there is a lot of movement and activities involved. If you compare the required energy during the night, there is not much to do. Your aim at night is to kick back and rest – plus by spending less on snacks you’ll slim and save!

These shakes are only meant to help in losing weight. These alone won’t make you lose weight instantly. You still need to work out, look after your diet and practice discipline. Relying on meal replacement shakes will cut a few pounds but it can be easily gained back if you return to your normal diet. On the other hand, if you moderate your food intake, replace one meal with a shake and work out then you will see a more consistent weight loss.

Lastly, replace meals moderately. Your body still needs to maintain your metabolism and this is only possible via whole food. Your body will have a tougher time coping with your lifestyle if your food intake solely rely on meal replacement shakes. The nutrients in these shakes are incomparable to a real whole meal. So practicing moderation is a must.

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